X-Change Talks with Carlo Astuti

X-Change Talks with Carlo Astuti


May 20th, 2015


On X-Change Talks this week is DJ and Producer Carlo Astuti!

Carlo Astuti has independently emerged onto the Electronic Dance Music scene as one of its hottest up and coming producers. Carlo’s love for music started at an early age with a passion for drums and percussion. At the young age of 14 Carlo fell in love with electronic music, in particular House Music. Realizing that his niche in music was live performance and production, DJ’ing proved to be the perfect outlet for his ambitions. Carlo’s popularity quickly grew in Italy’s music scene, before he moved to The United States to further his career.


Carlo Astuti

Read the full interview with Carlo Astuti below!

X: What inspired you to become a musician?

CA: My first approach with my music started when I was 7 years old. I always loved to play drums. Therefore, my grandpa, who’s also a musician (pianist, keyboardist, accordionist) bought me a set of drums and we started to perform together at small parties, weddings.. Growing up I would listen to amazing bands such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Supertramp and Bob Marley to name a few.. Their music definitely inspired me to become a music producer.


X: Who do you think are some of the best under-appreciated or under rated DJ’s and producers? Why?

CA: There are so many under-appreciated/under-rated DJ’s producers nowadays. I really don’t know who to mention right now but to be honest there are hundreds of them out there that they need to get the recognition they deserve.


X: What is Jacky Greco like to work with? What was the inspiration behind your new single Dragon?

CA: I’ve know Jacky a while back.. I’ve supported many of his singles on my Mindkraft radio show. I liked his style and his work attitude so I thought that doing a collab with him would be a good idea. We met in Vegas and that’s where we pretty much started the project together. One day we were both at the Planet Hollywood casino both standing in front of a slot machine which name was ‘Dragon’.. That’s where the name Dragon comes from.. I love this track and I’m really excited to see how it’s going to do on the charts.


X: What kind of projects are you currently working on? What are your plans now that Dragon has dropped?

CA: I’m working on five different projects. They will all include great vocals. Also I’m very busy with scheduling new upcoming releases on my label MINDKRAFT MUSIC. I’ve been getting so many tracks submissions from many talented producers from all over the world. I’m so looking forward to see some cool tracks to be released this year. We are waitin to see what ‘Dragon’ does on the charts. I just checked and it’s already entered the Beatport top 100 Electro House charts. That’s a great achievement already but we definitely want to see the track in the top 10! Let’s cross fingers!


X: Where would you say that you get most of your inspiration for your music?

CA: Pink Floyd


X: Where can your fans see you DJ next?

CA: We are in the process to finalize some gigs for my European tour this summer. This will include dates in England, Germany, Spain and Italy. I’m also planning to perform back in Beirut, Lebanon this summer.


X: What sort of advice would you give to aspiring DJ’s?

CA: It’s not just about being a DJ. It’s about your music. Your production. Unfortunately, everyone can be a DJ nowadays without even having the skills or talent. I think you have to put a lot of work into it. If you really want to do this for a living you have to work your way up. You pretty much have to make it on your own. No one will care about you until you show that you can do it by yourself. You don’t need managers, or agents at the beginning. You have to be able to do everything yourself. You are the boss of your business. Make sure you run the business the way you want it to be. Then when you reach a certain level then build a team and take your brand to the next level. Aim to the top and be the best on what you do. You must work on your music, market yourself, promote yourself, establish connections with people in the industry, build your fans database through all the social media websites, newletters etc.. and just do that on a daily basis. You just can’t stop…pretty much. Do it until you see the results and if you are not satisfied with the results then you work harder but twice as much!! If you want something in life then do it. You only live once. If you can’t afford to finance your dream then go get any job so you can support yourself.

Remember, it’s not about getting a DJ gig at a crappy club somewhere in your town. Think big. Make great music so your fans can come and see you perform live and sing along your tracks. Connect with fans on a daily basis. You live for your fans. Your manager and agent live for you. It doesn’t matter how many fans you have. They are all important and they all deserve respect. True fans and listeners are the ones that will make your dreams come true. Without your fans you can’t go anywhere.


X: What is more important to you, being a DJ or being a Producer?

CA: I love what I do. I’m blessed and grateful for that. I never stop doing what I do. I’m a very positive/optimistic person. I’m already ‘living the dream’. I can’t ask more than that. Bigger things will come in the near future. Hard work always pays off! Stay away from negative people and stay around people that love you sincerely, love your work and the people that have been there in the bad and the good times. Your career can be a roller coaster at times but as longs as you don’t give up then you are doing the right thing.
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