X-Change Talks with Jeff Zacharski

X-Change Talks with Jeff Zacharski


March 18th, 2015


Jeff Zacharski X-Change Talks


This week on X-Change Talks we have the co-producer of X-Change’s new single, Jeff Zacharski. I had so much fun working with this guy on the track; Jeff is very creative and different. We come from very different backgrounds of music. He comes from more of a country type background and plays guitar so it’s fun to work with him and really create something different in the dance world. We actually went to the same high school back in Michigan but didn’t actually know each other until years later. I feel lucky to not only able to work with him, but to call him my good friend!  Check out more work by Jeff on his website LocalPlay Studios! 

Full interview with Jeff below:

X: What inspired you to become a musician?

JZ: I have always been drawn to music. I have played several different instruments through different stages in life. Even as I step away here and there it pulls me right back in.


X: What instruments do you play?

JZ: My primary instruments are guitar and piano but also play drums, bass, ukulele and a bit of the kitchen spoons.


X: What is your favorite part about the music creation process?

JZ: Experimentation. Especially with the era of digital music we are in, we are given tools with unlimited possibilities to create and shape the sonics of the sounds we are capturing.


X: What kind of projects are you currently working on? What project are you most excited about?

JZ: I’m in the beginning stages of two records in Nashville for young artists. Both of these artists are going to be doing great things and you will hear from them in the next few months. I just recently finished a record for LA based Alt Country Duo “Crimson Calamity” that is set to release on 3/31/15.


X: Is there anyone that you hope to work with on day?

JZ: I have had the privilege (sometimes pure luck) to be in the room working with some of today’s great artists. Most recently some of these artists include John Legend, Talib Kweli, Chuck Inglish and more. A few people on the list I would like to work with would probably include Butch Walker, Max Martin, Jay Joyce, and the list goes on…


X: What is your favorite thing about living and working in Nashville?

JZ: (The Granola Answer) Nashville has an energy that really nurtures my soul as a creative mind. Music and creativity is everywhere and it has some of the best songwriters in the world.


X: Where do you see the music industry going in 5 years?

JZ: A very difficult question to answer… I’m not sure I can predict exactly where it’s going however, I would like music to get back to where it was really appreciated as an art and where it is recognized and compensated for the heart and creativity that is put into it.


Thanks again Jeff for coming out and talking to us! Always interesting to talk to…

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