X-Change Talks DJ Phillip Andrew

X-Change Talks DJ Phillip Andrew


April 29th, 2015


DJ Phillip Andrew

On X-Change Talks this week is DJ/Producer Phillip Andrew!

Phillip Andrew bought his first turntables in 2003 with no other plan than to be a basement DJ. He admits, “I loved DJing, but I was 17. I had no idea if I would ever make a dollar as a DJ.” Now with more than a decade of event and club experience under his belt, his career has grown from the basement to venues throughout North America.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Phillip Andrew has brought his High Energy / Open Format mixing style across the country, from Windsor, Ontario to San Diego, California. DJ Phillip Andrew has performed at legendary Los Angeles hotspots such as The Roosevelt, Boardners, Sound Nightclub, Seventy 7 and is the founding member of the DJ Collective Group #DirtyFaceMusic based out of Southern California.

For more DJ Phillip Andrew content, here is the weekly schedule:

Sundays – New EDM YouTube Video Release

Monday – Live mixshow on YouNow with DJ Sam House

Tuesday – “LIVING IN LOS ANGELES: Music + Entertainment + Comedy” Podcast Release

Read the full interview with DJ Phillip Andrew below!

X: Can you tell us a little bit about why you chose to come to LA?

PA: Ever since I was a little kid growing up in Metro-Detroit, I knew I wanted to move to California. I had no idea where, but I was the stereotypical Midwest kid who was influenced by TV & Movies and what we known call Californication. I loved the weather, the atmosphere, the style…everything about California seemed like a dream. So as soon as I graduated from Michigan State University with a Film Degree, I headed west.


X: How is making music and doing business in LA different from Michigan? Do you feel inspired that a lot of other people are doing music or is it hard that everyone is competing for the same thing?

PA: I love Michigan. The people are great, the culture, its my first home. But there is a lot of negativity in Michigan….I blame the weather. But seriously, I feel like a lot of people in Detroit, and in many similar cities, forget that there is a world outside of Detroit. There are a lot of talented people all over the country, and with the internet you can get your music heard by a lot of people. But at the end of the day…many of the power players in TV, Movies, and Music…still call LA home. So this is where you need to be.

I think competition benefits the majority. If you are discouraged by the competition, there’s probably a high likely hood you are the type of person who wants to make real changes. Copycats get burnt out, but if you are driven from your core by music, competition can only make you stronger.


X: What’s your favorite part about doing your #DirtyFaceMusic show?

PA: My Sunday YouTube series is fun to make for a lot of reasons. I get to drive into a lot of new music, I get to play around editing, I get to act like an idiot…all fun things for me. With the Podcast, it is great to catch up with people in Los Angeles and hear their stories. I have learned more in 45 minutes interviews with some amazing DJs, Actors, Musician, Producers than I knew about them having known them for 4+ years. It gives me the opportunity to really listen and hear some great knowledge. But both of those, as well as my Monday YouNow live stream with DJ Sam House, allow me to interact with the #DirtyFaceMusic Nation. I hate to say fans…they are supporters. They share the videos, they comment, they email me and I listen. Without them, I’m just some clown in my bedroom. I mean, I am just a clown in my bedroom, but at least I’m not doing it alone.


X: How do you think music has progressed over the years? What do you think about the latest throwback 80’s sound? (i.e. Uptown Funk, All About That Bass, Bang Bang etc.)

PA: I grew up with parents that always had music on. My mother was the queen of the compilation tapes. So I would listen to 50s sock-hop, 60’s hippie jams. Of course being from Detroit I love me some Motown. I think good music is good music, and I love it. Are there times when a songs sound just like everything else? Yes. Have I changed a radio station 3 times and heard the same damn song? Yes. But there are so many places to hear music, that if you are burnt out on the same thing…you just aren’t trying hard enough to find what you like.


X: Is there anyone that you hope to work with one day? Maybe someone that you’d like to interview on Living in Los Angeles?

PA: AIM HIGH. That’s what I have learned. So yea…I would love to interview Carl Cox. I’d love to interview Tiesto. Guys that were there before the EDM boom in America and have still going strong. Hey, props to Martin Garrix. He came around at the perfect time…but there are guys that were DJing for decades before the craze started happening the past few years. I know there has always been an international scene, but let’s be real. Actually…I’m going to stop right there before I get foreign hate mail calling me a Egotistical American. Lol.


X: What inspired you to start DJ’ing? Is there any moment or person in particular that made you want to begin the journey?

PA: I always loved making mix tapes and making my own (crappy) music when I was 11, 12, 13. But the real scoop is this. My mother always supported my music dreams. She almost bought me some turntables when I was 13, but I said no because I didn’t know how. (FEAR) When I was 15, I was working a couple different jobs so I could buy a car when I was 16. Long story short, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, had a really tough fight my Freshman/Sophomore year of High School, and she passed away exactly 1 week before my 16th (January 3rd) Because she passed, the way things shifted with vehicles, I didn’t need to buy a car. I took all the money I had saved and I bought DJ equipment. I didn’t know how to event hook up the cables. But I knew I was going to learn. On my way home from the Guitar Center, my dad got a call on the phone. One of the guys from his work needed a DJ for his daughter’s graduation party and he had heard my father talking about me getting gear and wanted to hire me. I had my first paid gig before I even took the gear out of the boxes. Thanks mom. I love you and miss you all the time.


X: Where and when can we see you come DJ? What can your fans expect?

PA: Definitely check me out every Sunday on YouTube, just search #DirtyFaceMusic. Every Monday I DJ with DJ Sam House for #DirtyFaceMusicMondays live on YouNow at 9:30p pacific. Listen to the Tuesday “Living in Los Angeles: Music + Entertainment + Comedy” Podcast. Also I will be at Seventy 7 later this month with a handful of stuff coming this summer, so check me out at and @DJPhillipAndrew on Instagram and Twitter.



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