T.H.E Interview – X-Change [ADE 2016]

T.H.E Interview – X-Change [ADE 2016]


November 9th, 2016


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X-Change is a producer, DJ and artist who has produced original music, uptempo bass remixes and DJ mixes since he started his musical career DJ’ing college parties around the Metro Detroit area.

His passion for music grew as he listened to everything from Electronic Dance Music, Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop/RnB and Miami Bass Music. He quickly got into the production side of music, where his ability to produce and structure whole songs from a killer bass line, melody, lyric or drum beat gave him an advantage.

We caught up with the man at ADE 2016 and spoke about how ADE 2016 is shaping up for him, his views on the DJ Mag results, his plans for 2017 and some of the biggest challenges faced by DJs. Have a read.

Akshay – Hey, man, how is it going? How is ADE shaping up for you?

X-Change – Good, good. ADE has been nuts. It has been nonstop since I landed on Monday and went straight to meetings.

Akshay – What sort of meetings have you actually set up? Are there any labels that you actually ended up meeting?

X-Change – So I met with a lot of the Revealed Recordings guys. I met with Mixmash to talk about some songs; got some good feedback on the tracks from guys like Holl & Rush, Maddix and more.

Akshay – You talk about music constantly evolving. Obviously the process has to start somewhere. So for those of us who wouldn’t know how your process starts, could you give us a description?

X-Change – So it always depends on the song. For more of my vocal progressive house stuff, for example, when I was working with Kylie Odetta, last year we did a song called “Weight of Your Love.” We met at my buddy, Jeff’s studio in Nashville where we wrote the piano progression first, based on what I thought she might vibe to, then we all wrote the vocal together. This year she called me this summer and she said “Hey, I’ve got a new vocal concept that I think might work. What do you think?” She pitched it to me over Skype I was like “Oh, that’s cool! Send it over to me.” Then, I built the track around that and it was crazy! I found she was going to be again in Nashville, and I just booked the flight instantly. Then we built the rest of the whole track off her vocal. This track is called “Leaving You (In The End)”, and it will be coming out later this year.

With vocal progressive house it can go both ways, and then some more of my high energy like Melbourne bounce stuff and electro-house stuff: usually I just start with the drops, and I just try to get a vibe of what I think will make people go nuts. Based on my experiences in DJing, I try to get that high energy and then build a melodic break that reconnects the whole track.

Akshay – You just mentioned a lot of different styles. How do you usually find the inspiration to write a new track?

X-Change – So, I guess for me it is, usually, inspiration wise, catching a vibe when I am doing something random. I’ll hear like an idea, or a melody in my head, then record it into my phone and then use that to start building once I get into the studio. Usually, by the time I sit down on the studio there’s already something in my head that I’ll get on to the paper and then change 800 times. Then it becomes a ‘song’.

Akshay – Talking about DJing, we recently heard that you will be headed to Trinidad in 2017! What’s that all about?

X-Change – My good friends, The Ultimate Rejects and I have got a new collaboration coming up called “Kings in Town”. I don’t know when it will be released. I was actually in Trinidad last year and I met them at Miami Music Week, then we went to their studio, we vibed and made a track, called ‘Thunderstorm’ and we became good friends over the year, so they were like, ‘Hey man, you should come to the carnival’. I looked it up and said “Cool, it’s like two days” so I was like “Yeah, I’ll come for like 5 days or something”. Then they said “No! You’ve got to come for the whole month of February, because it’s a whole month long of parties!” So we’ll be playing at some different parties, they’re on the radio down there, so I’m doing some guest interviews and guest sets on the radio and stuff like that. So yeah, I’m excited to experience the carnival for 3 or 4 weeks in Trinidad, so it will be awesome.

Akshay – Can we expect a new collaboration while you are there?

X-Change – Yes, we are working right now remotely but I love working in the studio with them. Basically, for that 3 or 4 weeks, we will just be DJing and in the studio, work on a bunch of new tracks and take it from there!

Akshay – You’ve grown in 2016 as an artist. What are your plans for 2017? What is it that you want to achieve in order to continue growing further?

X-Change – I really want to keep on developing my own unique sound. I feel like to develop a unique sound, it takes time and releasing a bunch of different tracks. I like a lot of different styles: I like progressive house, Melbourne bounce, electro house. So it’s trying to mold all of those into a unique X-Change sound and keep developing that sound. And I want to get a million plays on Spotify on a track, it will be awesome. I want to get that million!

Akshay – How would you know that you have developed your sound?

X-Change – I think it’s when people start listening to the first 3 to 5 seconds of a track and be like “That’s an X-Change track”. They start knowing instantly, based on what it is, they realize that, it’s you. That is what I think it takes time for you to develop, having those signature sounds.

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