“Leaving You” is now the HOMEPAGE feature on | Complex Media!

“Leaving You” is now the HOMEPAGE feature on | Complex Media!


January 24th, 2017


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Native Detroit DJ and Producer, X-Change, just released the next festival anthem, ‘Leaving You (In The End)’. The track features singer and songwriter, Kylie Odetta, and spews palpable energy. We can sense X-Change‘s aspirations of owning the mainstage during a festival while writing this catchy track.

‘Leaving You’ is a high-energy festival anthem with empowering vocals and a beat that will elevate you to a euphoric plane of existence.

The track lures you in with a gentle and soulful piano melody accompanied by angelic vocals from Kylie. As the track delicately builds, fierce and uplifting synths gain tempo to free your mind and compel you to move.

Listen to and download X-Change’s ‘Leaving You (In The End)’ Ft. Kylie Odetta below: 


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