I love projectors – BenQ 1080p Projector

I love projectors – BenQ 1080p Projector


January 25th, 2020


BenQ TH671ST Projector in dark Disney Plus

When I need a break from the studio I love watching movies on my home theatre room – this is the projector I’m using and it’s so epic!

FYI: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with the above link – this helps me to continue creating new art and I appreciate your support!

Also for FIFA, the input lag is low which is so cool that you can finally play video games on a super big screen! And you can even use it during daylight which is super cool and was a big turnoff for me in the past.

The BenQ line of projectors have 1080p resolution, can be Short Throw Projector, 3000 Lumens for Lights On Entertainment, 92% Rec. 709 for Accurate Colors, can have Low Input Lag Ideal for Gaming and have become my new goto for movies and video gaming!

BenQ TH671ST Projector in daylight


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