Fuck The Coronavirus by X-Change

Fuck The Coronavirus by X-Change


March 14th, 2020


I only got one thing to say…Fuck The Coronavirus

It’s been a long rough week for everyone but we will get through this and I can’t wait for things to go back to normal. Until then make sure you stay safe and don’t put yourself or others at risk and don’t forget…FUCK THE CORONAVIRUS

The story behind the song:

I woke up Friday morning March 13 and was kinda down about everything going on so my girlfriend and I decided to go for a walk in South Beach. We started talking about all the negativity and how basically everything is canceled and how crazy of time this is when I randomly go “What if I made a song that flips this into something funny and is like FUCK THE CORONAVIRUS?.” She starts laughing so hard and goes I love it! We get back to the condo and I jump on my laptop to fire up Ableton Live and see what I can come up with. I tried 3 or 4 different drops but then came up with the one that is the final and jumped out of my chair going this is it. I grabbed my portable mic and recorded myself yelling “Fuck The Coronavirus” 5 times to layer it and make it feel like a crowd yelling. Next during the breakdown, I’m like it needs something and I randomly started saying events canceled while she is cracking up then go they even canceled golf to which she is dying laughing and goes “You have to put that in there.” So I grab the mic again and record the breakdown parts and just off the top of my head playing off the canceled golf line and boom you have “Fuck The Coronavirus”

I hope this cheers everyone up a bit and we get through these tough times together cuz I sure know it made our Friday much much better!


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X-Change – Fuck The Coronavirus ARTWORK

X-Change - Fuck The Coronavirus ARTWORK


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