EDMSauce front page feature on “Can I Take You There”

EDMSauce front page feature on “Can I Take You There”


April 13th, 2018


Check out an excerpt from EDMSauce’s front page feature of “Can I Take You There”:

Coming hot on the heels of his recent collaboration with Ultimate Rejects and also remixing Nicci Music’s track “Leaves,” it’s time for the Los Angeles based producer X-Change to shine again with his newest solo outing.

 “Can I Take You There,” out now on his own X-Change Music label, is a rippling cut filled with bounce and energy: the lead bass stabs are both woozy and punchy, while the vocal sample loops over the top hypnotically, before taking things down a notch into a deep melodic breakdown. The progressive house flavours on this one are strong and keep the momentum X-Change has built up at an increasingly steady pace.

Listen to “Can I Take You There” on Spotify!!

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