Best New Music on Fame Magazine – “Blame The Moment”

Best New Music on Fame Magazine – “Blame The Moment”


May 25th, 2018


Check out an excerpt from Fame Magazine’s feature of “Blame The Moment”:

After joining forces on the single “Day Ones,” the time has come for another collab single from X-Change and Ultimate Rejects. While on a tour of Trinidad & Tobago, the tour was also a musically productive one and is where ‘Blame The Moment’ was born.

Drafting in guest singer Krysta Youngs to provide some vocals, X-Change and Ultimate Rejects were so impressed with the results that ‘Blame The Moment’ went through a year’s worth of work and now all are ready to unleash the finish product. An unashamedly sunshine song, both sets of producers are on fine form once again.

Listen to “Blame The Moment” on Spotify!!

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