Leaving You (In The End)
  • Genre:Progressive House
  • Release date:16 Jan 2017

Leaving You (In The End)

“Leaving You (In The End)” is an irresistible earworm that permanently burrows its way into one’s brain after one or two plays. Two versions of the song will be released initially – the Extended Mix and the Radio Edit – and it’s clear from the high-energy vibe of this song that mainstage festival domination was on X-Change’s mind when he wrote it. It’s a clubby tune with a female warble that’s quite de rigueur. Here’s a piece of pure EDM that brazenly craves the peak-time. It’s got an attitude that’s shamelessly enthusiastic, uplifting and youthful. “Leaving You (In The End)” is an ultimately catchy tune with expert production and one that has the potential to go far in 2017. “Leaving You (In The End)” is the second collaboration between X-Change and Kylie Odetta. Their first collaboration, “Weight Of Your Love,” was a critical success in the dance music community earning nearly 220,000 Spotify plays upon its release.

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Said X-Change of “Leaving You (In The End),” “Working with Kylie was just effortless once we got into the studio. I felt like we really understood each other musically and she’s an amazing singer. I wanted to create an EDM song that would lift people up when they heard it and hopefully elevate their mood. It’s truly an honor having people like Hardwell support my music and I’m hoping ‘Leaving You’ becomes a summer anthem on the 2017 festival circuit!”

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