Day Ones
  • Genre:CDM
  • Release date:02 Mar 2018

Day Ones

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Fresh off tour in Trinidad & Tobago for Carnival 2018 the Ultimate Rejects & X-Change headed into the studio to work on a new collab and the result is the Caribbean influenced dance track “Day Ones.”

X-Change said about “Day Ones” that “we really wanted to capture the vibe of the islands and mix that with a pop vocal that can resonate worldwide.”

They call this sound CDM which stands for Caribbean Dance Music. It blends together elements from Soca music and modern dance music including moombahton, progressive house and more to give CDM its unique sound.

“Day Ones” is all about that friend who has been there with you from the start and been through both the good and bad times. It’s a celebration of deep meaningful relationships.

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