April 2015 X-Change Photo Highlights

April 2015 X-Change Photo Highlights


May 5th, 2015


Another busy month came in April of 2015!

X-Change and Jessica Louise Stronger Studio

Working in the studio with Jessica Louise was a complete blast! I am so proud of the way it came out and I hope that all of you are enjoying the song as much as we had hoped. It was a blast to create and I appreciate everyone who was involved in the project so much! The acoustic video is now complete and the full official video will be coming at you soon! Make sure you stay in loop and keep checking back for more exciting updates in the coming weeks. Thank you again for your support!

Kaziks Promo Selfie

It was a blast to DJ Kazik’s EDM Takeover Part 3 alongside DJ Kookie, always a great time with this crew. Click here to see more crazy pictures from the event and our wrap up video on YouTube.

Bye Felicia.

Blue Microphones Bottle Mic

Next up, with the help of Blue microphones, we were able to shoot the acoustic video of Stronger on the rooftops of LA. It was truly a pleasure to be able to use the Blue Microphone Bottle mic on this project and we couldn’t be more grateful to Blue microphones! Their  Shayon from Jenga Productions did an amazing job on the keys and Jessica Louise killed it on the vocalsas usual. Thanks to Braedon from B Free Media who shot and edited the amazing video. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check it out on YouTube!

About The Bottle Mic: The Bottle is Blue’s flagship recording tool and its highest achievement in quality and innovation. The Bottle combines low noise and superb transient response integrated with a system of interchangeable capsules, the Bottle Caps.

Big shout out to Jason Edward for setting up my DJ set at The Room Santa Monica on April 30th! Make sure to check out their Thursday Nights for an awesome time!

X-Change Jason Edward The Room Santa Monica

And finally, just before we hit May, we hit up ASCAP at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood to wrap up the month! See you next time!

 ASCAP X-Change Loews Hotel 2015

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