X-Change EDM Producer and DJ Bio Picture August 2015 web

Paul Mattis (X-Change) is an electro and progressive house DJ and producer residing in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Michigan, X-Change obtained his masters degree from the University of Michigan in electrical engineering in only 3.5 years. After realizing his true passion lies in creating dance music, he began to explore various genres and DJing parties from New York to San Francisco.

2015 was a busy year for X-Change with numerous releases including his originals “Stronger”, “Kandiland”, “Ring of Fire” and “Going Loco”, along with co-writing and co-producing Vice’s “Find A Way” with Shayon TheHitman. On his bi-weekly mix show X-Change Theory Radio you can get an exclusive listen into X-Change’s world where he premieres not only his originals but his custom edits, mash-ups and remixes which give his live sets a unique touch.

X-Change first began to DJ in college at various parties and got into music production creating up-tempo and bass remixes of popular songs. When he graduated college, he found himself working a desk job, only to realize his true passion lies in making music. Taking off the golden handcuffs, X-Change wanted to pursue his dreams. With a strong background in acoustics and audio engineering, X-Change is known for his ear for excellent sound.

On his journey, he began to explore various genres and different styles of music. He went on to DJ various events including the Detroit Movement festival, also known as DEMF, and also attended Ultra in Miami as well as Coachella in California.

He continued to develop his musical tastes and found inspiration by talking to music enthusiasts from all over the world. Whether it was the neon fluffies or the constant reminder to “throw your hands up”, there was something about dance music that X-Change just couldn’t resist.

In 2014, X-Change started a bi-weekly dance music podcast titled X-Change Theory Radio, available on iTunes. It features 60 minutes of brand new electro and progressive house music as well as guest artists and mixers. During Miami Music Week 2014, X-Change released his first dance records “Geronimo” and “Get Crazy”.

Currently, X-Change is working on many new projects scheduled to come out in 2016. He spends most of his days working in his Hollywood studio or hiking Runyon Canyon to catch a sunset. While fine tuning his original singles, he also releases custom edits, mash-ups and is always on the look out for talented people to collaborate and work with. X-Change has 6 new originals slated for release in 2016.